Tapsteroids update v1.2.1 now available on the App Store

Tapsteroids update v1.2.1 is out on the App Store, it fixes some minor issues on iOS 7 and it is still FREE.

In the new VERSION 1.2.1 we made some enhancements and bug fixes:

  • iOS 7 compatibility.
  • Fixed bug leaving the app unresponsive soon after launch.
  • Fixed minor bugs with ads.

The previous VERSION 1.2 was a big renewal with both technical and gameplay improvements:

  • Added native iPad and iPad mini support.
  • Added native iPhone 5 support (that we will improve soon).
  • Single Universal build compatible with all Apple devices.
  • At the beginning of every match, an extra life can be earned.
  • All difficulty levels are unlocked from the start, now you can match your skill since the first match.
  • Each difficulty level has its own score multiplier: more challenge, more points.
  • New space station graphics.
  • New tutor character.