Video of our lecture at Politecnico University of Milan

Last week we have been asked to give a speech to the students of the Politecnico University of Milan which are attending the "Videogame Design & Programming" course held by Prof. Pier Luca Lanzi. Glad of the invitation, we focused the lecture on some tips based on the experience gained during the development of our iOS game Tapsteroids. Below you can see the video of our talk (in italian). As the video lasts more than an hour, below we provide a brief summary and the time at which the different topics were considered.

At first Daniele explained the architecture of the game engine of Tapsteroids and which tools and libraries have been used for the development [time 0:03:25], then Erika talked about the issues related to the display of small sized graphic elements and in particular about the efforts made to help players to distinguish at a glance asteroids from space ships [time 0:33:40]. At the end Daniele illustrated the marketing decisions made ​​during the early days of the launch of the game and the results obtained. Then he showed an overview of the data in terms of copies sold, downloaded for free and pirated so he could explain what the situation is at the moment and the next steps that we are planning to do [time 0:54:02].