Tapsteroids FREE Monday: +17,000 freebies and reached Top 50 almost everywhere!!!

Past Monday we gave Tapsteroids for free in the App Store and as our title entered in many Top lists on different App Stores, we thought that sharing our App Store ranking data could be of some interest for you and mainly other indie developers.

More than 17,000 copies downloaded and we saw Tapsteroids reaching the Top 50 in many App Stores, a big surprise for us!

We've obtained very positive feedback by gamers and reviewers and this has strengthened our "pride" in seeing our first indie game Tapsteroids appearing in the Top 100 overall in Taiwan, the Top 100 of all games in 8 different App Stores including China and Italy and in the Top 50 for both arcade and action games sections in 16 markets including the U.S., and the number of the App Stores doubles if the Top 100 for both arcade and action games is considered, where among others figure Germany, Canada, France, Russia, Netherlands, Spain and elsewhere.

Below the final placement in the free categories going free for 1 day (click to enlarge).

Top 50 Stores