Lecture: economics of free games and data driven game design

Yesterday we gave a speech to the students of Videogame Design and Programming course held by Prof. Pier Luca Lanzi for the MSc Engineering of Computing Systems at Politecnico University of Milan. The lecture focused on the economics of free games and on implementation details of our proprietary analytics system. Full video (in italian) and slides (in english) are available below.

Tapsteroids update v1.2.1 now available on the App Store

Tapsteroids update v1.2.1 is out on the App Store, it fixes some minor issues on iOS 7 and it is still FREE.

Indigeni Digitali @Genova

On Wednesday 19th, we partecipated at #iddrink @Genova. The event organized by Indigeni Digitali was held at "Palazzo Ducale" in our city. During the happening we gave a speech about the state of the mobile market. Below some photos taken at the event.

SvilupParty Beta & SvilupParty 2013

Past long weekend we attended the SvilupParty Beta and SvilupParty 2013 events held in Bologna (Italy). On Friday 10th we gave a talk at SvilupParty Beta, which addressed game developers, about our proprietary analytics system and the next days we took part at the SvilupParty 2013. Here you can see some shots took at the events.

Tapsteroids update v1.2 is now FREE on the App Store

Tapsteroids v1.2 is finally out, and to celebrate we switched it to FREE. Yes, you can now grab it for nothing! The update contains a lot of improvements, both technicals and to the gameplay; continue reading to get the details.

Tapsteroids nominee for "Drago d'Oro" Awards

UNAgames announces its presence among the nominees for "Drago d'Oro", the Italian award for excellence in the world of video games. Tapsteroids has been nominated in the "Best Independent Italian Videogame" category, where it will be submitted to the judgment of a technical jury and a critics jury.

Global Game Jam 2013 & Videogame Design Days

On Friday 25th we will participate at the Videogame Design Days, the event that hosts the Global Game Jam 2013 in Genoa. The Videogame Design Days, organized by ELIOS Lab, is at its second year and it's the perfect background for the GGJ. If you want to meet us, our speech is at 10.30 AM and surely we will stay there to listen to all the other interesting talks.

Video of our lecture at Politecnico University of Milan

Last week we have been asked to give a speech to the students of the Politecnico University of Milan which are attending the "Videogame Design & Programming" course held by Prof. Pier Luca Lanzi. Glad of the invitation, we focused the lecture on some tips based on the experience gained during the development of our iOS game Tapsteroids. Below you can see the video of our talk (in italian).

Exhibitors at "VS-Games 2012"

As associate partner of GALA (the EU NoE on Serious Games), we will attend as exhibitors at VS-Games 2012 - 4th International Conference on Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications. On October 30th and 31st you can meet us at the Serious Games Exhibition area, held in Genoa (our city!). The exhibition will host field cutting-the-edge companies showing their products and doing networking: IBM, Microsoft, Dassault Systems, and others.

UNAgames at "Playing the Game"

Next Sunday, October 28th, we will attend the Playing the Game event in Milan (Italy). It is a consumer event, part of IF - Immagina il futuro, promoted by "Provincia di Milano" and "Camera di Commercio di Milano". The great thing is the big space that will be given to indies: in addition to UNAgames, you will meet other Italian developers with their great video games. It will be also the opportunity to look at our next update to Tapsteroids!

Tapsteroids "Perseids" free day results

To celebrate the "Perseid meteor shower", on August 10 we gave Tapsteroids for free in the App Store. As usual, we like to share the results of our promotions so here you can find all charts that we used to track this special event. We performed very well: in Italy we ranked in the Top-200 Overall, in Europe & USA we was around Top-50/Top-100 in the Arcade/Action categories.

UNAgames becomes Associate Partner of GALA

We are proud to announce that UNAgames is officially an Associate Partner of GALA (Games and Learning Alliance - Network of Excellence for Serious Games).

GALA gathers the cutting-edge European Research and Development organizations on Serious Games. It is a multidisciplinary consortium of 30 partners coming from 13 countries all over the EU that covers a wide range of topical knowledge on research and development in Serious Games. It comprises university, research centers, enterprises, representing a mix of interests and skills involved in the Serious Games development and an effective synergy among research, education and business.

So we face towards a new interesting challenge: developing serious games for mobile platforms!

GALA logo

IVDC 2012: interview with UpperPad

Davide Rufino (by UpperPad) interviewed us at IVDC 2012. He done also a detailed review of Tapsteroids from a hard-core gamer point of view. We are glad he liked it! You can read the full interview (in Italian) at

Daniele and Erika

IVDC 2012: interview with The Indie Shelter

This happens when you forgot to update your main website due to Facebook: you don't link to your interviews! But we are here to recover: this is a very funny interview (in Italian) with Lilithlun - aka Ennio Spione, member of the mitici folks at The Indie Shelter - made while attending at the IVDC 2012. If you want to know what happens when you are interviewed by a guy with an audio recorder, and what is "Giulia passione Zombie", keep reading at .


Exhibitors at “IVDC: Indieanapolis” and “Cartoons on the Bay” 2012

This year we have the pleasant surprise of having been officially invited, by AIOMI and The Indie Shelter, to set up a stand at IVDC (Italian Video-game Developers Conference).

This edition is in partnership with Cartoons on the Bay 2012 – the international television and cross-media animation festival organized by RAI (the public Italian national broadcaster) – and will be held in Rapallo from 22 to 25 March. In particular, we will have a space at Indieanapolis, the IVDC section devoted to indie developers run by The Indie Shelter folks. As usual, we invite you to visit us!

Attending the SvilupParty

We will attend the SvilupParty 2012 event! Held in Bologna from 10 to 11 of March, it is a meeting point for Italians video game developers, a sort of a "little local GDC". There will be a lot of flash sessions, and Daniele will keep a short postmortem of Tapsteroids!

Let us know if you are going to attend the event too, so we could meet there!

Interview with Joystics

After having reviewed Tapsteroids, international website Joystics launched its "Behind the Games" section with a personal interview with Daniele, talking about his professional career as game developer, his free-time passions and some insight on the future of UNAgames. Read it at: .

Daniele and Erika

Interview with Girl Geek Life

Italian web magazine Girl Geek Life today published an interview with Erika, the feminine side of UNAgames! If you like to discover how a geek girl can enters the gamedev scene, read the full article here:–-co-fondatrice-di-unagames/

At the end of the interview, how UNAgames dinners can get out of hand.

Interview with iPhoneItalia

Italian iPhone website iPhoneItalia interviewed Daniele about the making-of Tapsteroids and the results obtained after having been published in the App Store. You can read it here (in italian):

In the interview, Daniele answers also to some questions about Italian indie scene and future plans of UNAgames.

Tapsteroids FREE Monday: +17,000 freebies and reached Top 50 almost everywhere!!!

Past Monday we gave Tapsteroids for free in the App Store and as our title entered in many Top lists on different App Stores, we thought that sharing our App Store ranking data could be of some interest for you and mainly other indie developers.

More than 17,000 copies downloaded and we saw Tapsteroids reaching the Top 50 in many App Stores, a big surprise for us!

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