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Blinking lights with Blender

Hi all. In this tutorial I'll show you how it's easy to create a visible blinking light with Blender, animating the Halosize material of a circle and the Energy of a lamp via their Ipo Curve Editors.

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Halberd space station wallpaper

Hi everybody, this is a big rendering of the Halberd space station.

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Video Production Logo

Our video production logo is ready for your eyes. Now we can brand our products like the biggest entertainment software companies...but in a squeaky manner! Hope you enjoy it.

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How to make a nebula in few steps with Gimp

This is a very simple tutorial on creating a colored nebula using the Solid Noise filter of Gimp. The method is based on superimposing two textures generated with Perlin noise, using different frequencies/amplitudes.

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UNAgames graphics blog

Free Open Source Software LogosHi everybody, my name is Erika and I'm the art director of UNAgames. In this blog I'll tell you about my video games graphics progress, how I develop my ideas from sketches to 3D models and all related stuff. I will also explain my technique through some tutorials hoping they could be useful.

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