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Subversion: merging vendor branches

Common vendor branch management under Subversion requires to import whole vendor drops into your repository before doing the actual merging, wasting space. Attached you can find a script that automates the merging of a vendor drop importing only delta-diffs.

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OpenGL ES screenshots on iOS

Sometimes you could need to take screenshots programmatically for your OpenGL ES application on iOS: you could use it to capture the "best moments in the game" to show them later, or send them via email, or share on some social network; or simply you could hate to have to press two buttons in sync to have a screenshot. Anyway here is some source code to do it, ready to be used with Cocos2D 1.0.

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Video game asset pipeline with CMake: XCode integration

A simple task as building an XCode External Target, can require various scripts to be accomplished when you are building assets. Following my previous post Video game asset pipeline with CMake, I will show how the asset pipeline can be integrated with XCode so that it can be automatically processed also during your normal builds.

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Fixed time-step implementation in Box2D

If you are interested in how to implement Glenn Fiedler's "fix your timestep" technique, here you will find a brief C++ implementation for Box2D. The technique is needed to keep stable the numerical integration performed by the physics simulation while running the video game with a variable frame-rate.

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From our friends: Orbitroid is available on XBox Live

We are not the only indie game developer in Genoa, our friends of Bedroom Studio Entertainment have published a new space shooter action game for XBox Live: Orbitroid. See the video trailer and useful links.

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Video game asset pipeline with CMake

Any video game (or generally any multimedia production) needs an asset pipeline: an automatic way to post-process source assets to build final versions that suit the needs of the game engine avoiding recurrent and error-prone manual work from artists. In this post I will show how this has been achieved, in our current production, using CMake.

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